PMD Review & Demo | My Journey To Flawless Skin

Hi loves! After a month of trying out this product and after all the questions everyone had been asking about my skin, I finally decided to make this video. I was reached out by the company to try out the PMD.  At first, I was a bit hesitant with replying to companies, due to the nature of some agreements. Fortunately, they kindly offered me the chance to speak my mind and gave me a coupon code for my subbies to use! I am not being paid in any way!

What is it?

If you are not familiar with this devise all it is, is a Personal Microderm. What does product mentions it does is it unclog pores, evens out our skin tone and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The way it does this is by removing the dead skin cells and reveals a clear, healthy complexion, which helps your skin absorb products much more effectively.

Does it Work? Is it Worth it? – My personal Experience!

I am completely sold on this product! From the first time I used it I felt immediate changes on my skin. To keep this simple, it removed the entire first layer of my dead skin, leaving it so smooth. The next day, I felt my skin so vibrant, smooth and rejuvenated, it was almost to good to believe! Although I have never suffered from extreme acne, when pimples seemed to be present, they were dramatically reduced the next morning. My major problem has always been skin discoloration  “Manchas” especially around my cheeks and forehead. After just one month of using it my skin is so much more even and my pores have Dramatically reduced! I am so happy with this product I have  told all my friends and family members about it. I even tried it on my little brother, who suffers from acne. He has since then bought his own set of disks to use!


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