New Colourpop Ultra Satin Lipsticks

Soooo as you can see, COLOURPOP will be coming out with a New Formula for their Liquid Lipsticks! (AVAILABLE FEB 25) This is so exciting for those of you who were wanting a formula a little bit less drying on for the lips.


Like the “Suade” name implies, these are a lot more velvety, hydrating and a little less matte. The formula is more soothing on the lip, allows more movement, BUT you will notice that is does transfer. It applies wet, but after a few minutes begins to set on the lips.


So far there 16 shades ranging from light to dark. As show in the picture below and on my swatch video. All of the shades are true to color, pigmented, and apply very nicely on the lips.



If I am not mistaken the price will remain the same to the ULTRA MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICKS  $6  for a 0.11 oz Lipstick .

IMG_9920 (1)


If you already like the Colourpop liquid lipsticks BUT wished they were more soothing and less drying on the lips, you are most likely going to love this formula. I do remind you though that these do transfer.

For my lipsticks lovers who are looking for an ultra matte lip, you will not be very impressed with this formula!

Overall, I love all lipsticks! These are very soothing and give my lips a break for the super matte lipsticks.


colourpop unedited (1)


I have gotten asked over and over “Do you think I NEED the new Toofaced Chocolate Palette?” My answer is of “course not.” Do not get me wrong, I love my collecting Toofaced Chocolate bar Palettes, the Original Chocolate Bar is my go to palette and even have hit pan on many shades! This is my answer to “DO I NEED IT?”

ON the other hand if were talking about “WANTING IT…”

I cannot deny how cute the packaging is! The colors and formula are amazing, but if you are looking for everyday colors its best to stick to the orginal. SO what im basically saying is, if you have to invest in one Toofaced palette out of the 3, got with the Original Chocolate Bar and you will be in love. Unless of course you love to collect, now we are talking about something completely different. Collect all three and make your vanity your sanctuary of beauty.